10 Top Tips To Get Your Shopify Store Found Online

You have done all the hard work of putting together your website. Your business is set up and ready to go… So how do you get people to see it?

Better yet, how do you get people to engage with it and actually buy your products?

Well, the engagement part comes second. Firstly, you need to get eyes on your website.

So, we have put together our top 10 tips for getting your Shopify store found online.


10 Top Tips To Get Your Shopify Store Found Online

1: Email Marketing

One of the best and most effective methods of driving traffic to your website is from your email newsletter. Direct the traffic exactly where you want it to go by providing links to all the right places. Entice click throughs by having great content, amazing images and compelling link captions. The great thing about utilising your email list is that you know it is people already interested in your business.

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2: Social Media

Social media is a great tool for brand awareness. So, it can be very beneficial for businesses. Not only can you connect to clients and prospects who can share your business content, you can also access paid audiences and run ad campaigns, too. If you post great content, people will navigate to your website through links on your social media pages.

3: YouTube

YouTube is a great option for getting a bit creative with your online marketing. Creating videos to promote your business or your products is a variation on just text or images on a page. You can embed the videos on your website and on your social media pages. People can share them to their own social accounts, increasing your brand awareness and bringing more people to your page. 

4: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the greatest ways to bring targeted traffic to your website for free is via SEO. When people are serious about finding something, they type it into Google!

So, if you enhance your search engine site ranking, you will be able to bring more people to your online store. There are lots of different things that contribute to SEO ranking including content, keywords, mobile accessibility, and site speed. You can learn more about why this tool is so powerful in one of our recent blogs.

5: VIP And Loyalty Promos

Offering great deals for valued returning customers is a good way to generate more regular revenue and attention online. This could be a loyalty club that allows members to earn reward points towards discounts or free shipping. You can even offer a discount to first time buyers or a coupon for a free gift with purchase offer.

6: Collaborations

There will be literally hundreds of businesses out there that complement yours. And if their business is complementary to yours, chances are you will share a similar audience. Try and devise a way that you can work together to promote each other’s products and services. Share their content to your audience and they can share your content to their audience.

You could even try using brand influencers or have some industry experts produce product reviews to increase brand credibility.

7: Get Networking

Word of mouth referrals are really powerful as they help people to trust your business right from the very start. A great way to encourage referrals is to get out there and network. Once you have a circle of connections, you can refer people to their businesses and they can refer people to yours.

Networking does not have to be done completely in person. You can also make lots of valuable connections in online networking groups. These groups also tend to have opportunities for you to promote your business, so are a great place to link to your website.

8: Content Marketing

The content on your website is really what draws people in and keeps them interested in your business. Variation among your content is important to keep it interesting. It could include articles and blogs, photos and videos, industry tips and interviews, guest posts, product reviews, and email marketing. Don't forget to optimise it for SEO and share it in all the relevant places to encourage traffic to your site.

9: Paid Advertising

You can pay to promote your business on lots of different spots around the Internet. The best ones are Google Adwords and Facebook, which actually have specific advertising options designed to increase website traffic. You can also use Instagram and promoted tweets on Twitter to reach an even wider audience.

10: Don’t Give Up!

Online business is a competitive environment, and getting your business to stand out amongst it all is challenging – but it is possible! With a good marketing strategy that incorporates multiple channels and techniques, you can have a thriving Shopify site.

One last question for you? Is this Shopify store you are trying to drive traffic to up to scratch? Is it something you can be proud of and will encourage people to spend with your business?

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