Email marketing for
small businesses

We'll take care of your regular email campaigns

If you struggle to find the time to implement an email marketing strategy, try our managed email marketing service

Email Marketing is an essential marketing strategy for anyone selling products online to encourage repeat purchases and introduce new products. We can build and send your email marketing campaigns. ​

Client campaign results for 2021/2022

$209K Revenue
Driving sales for clients as a direct result of our campaigns.
47% open rate
High open rates on average across all clients email lists.
$24K in Black Friday Sales
Generated for our clients.

Why you need our 'build & send' service

Stay visible to your customers

By popping in to your customers inbox regularly you'll remind them about your products and services.

Drive traffic to your website

 Building your own mailing list is essential more than ever now with online advertising become more competitive and expensive.

Everything is done for you

We build and send your emails each month, including writing copy with no hassle and very limited (if any) input required from you.