One-on-One Shopify Customised Training Session

One-on-One Shopify Customised Training Session

Regular price$125.00
  • 1 to 1 Zoom Online Training Session
  • Ask anything about Shopify
  • Request training on a particular topic

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If you are self-managing your Shopify site we can teach you how to manage your site more efficiently and/or help with specific tasks that you may be struggling with. Book your one-on-one customised training session and you'll get 1 hour from a Shopify Expert where you can ask all the questions you like and we'll show you how to complete the tasks you've been struggling with or explain how particular functionality in Shopify works.

Here are some examples of what could be covered in the training session:

Adding/editing/importing products
Understanding product variants
Products, Collections and Menus 101
SEO fixes and other optimisation
Image uploading best practices
How to use/setup your theme properly
Understanding the functionality available with your particular theme
App training or recommendations
Home page design recommendations
How to set up a blog
SEO best practices
Embedding videos
How to add redirects
Order processing
MailChimp integration