Google Ads
and SEO for
small businesses

Online Advertising & Advanced SEO

Drive traffic to your store with Google Ads while you work on improving organic website rankings

Google Ads can get instant results so work well to generate revenue while the organic ranking builds up for your website domain. If you also work on monthly SEO, over time you can reduce ad spends for particular keywords and implement new strategies.

Services Include:

Google Ads
* Research, keywords and search terms
* Link landing pages to ads to optimise quality score
* Create ads for each keyword
* Optimise the bidding strategy
* Add negative keywords and reduce non-coverting keywords
* Use Google retargeting
* Optimisation and reporting
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Monthly SEO
* Technical SEO audit
* Keyword research
* Competitive gap analysis
* Content writing & blogs
* Backlinks
* Monthly reporting
* Monthly website health check
* Addressing technical issues
* Page optimisation
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