Our Favourite Shopify Apps

Our Favourite Shopify Apps

Order Printer

A must-have for any e-commerce store, this free app takes care of all of your order dispatching needs. You can print your invoices, labels, packing slips, and receipts all in one place!



From a big name in accounting software, the Xero Shopify app does not disappoint. You can make your financial reporting truly seamless with easy reporting, automated daily order exports, and global tax support.


Request A Quote

If your business is more service-oriented, Request a Quote can help you get custom quote information to your customers quickly and easily. This app is great for product-based stores, too. Your customers can create a “wishlist” of items to send for a quote, or they can request custom quotes for larger quantity orders.


Subscriptions By ReCharge

You can turn one-off sales into monthly subscriptions by using the ReCharge “Subscribe & Save” page option. This enables you to you give discounts to subscription customers, as well as offering auto-shipping for their convenience. If your business is subscription box based, ReCharge can also help you manage delivery dates, order management, and inventory forecasting.


Bold Subscriptions

Another excellent subscription app, Bold makes subscription purchases easy and flexible. It allows you to sell single products or entire carts as recurring sales, and your customers will love how easy it is to manage their orders and their personal information.


Automatic Backups By Talon

Any e-commerce business needs the security of a reliable backup system. The Talon backups app gives you exactly that, and a whole lot more. With this app you can back up your online store, while also securely storing product images, blogs, and shop pages. You can easily find previous versions of products and pages, and restore whatever you need to with one click! 



This app is a smart security tool that you can use to lock certain content on your website, and make it available only for certain customers. For example, you might lock certain VIP deal pages and give access to people who have joined a mailing list, have a passcode, or have arrived through a special link.


Plug In SEO

SEO is a big part of an e-commerce business. Being able to quickly see and address issues with your search engine performance will ensure that your business is kept front-and-centre in search results. Plug in SEO checks your online store for SEO issues, and gives you the details of essential performance areas that require your attention.


Traffic Control

404 error pages are no more with Traffic Control! Customers often try to visit your website using old shopping cart or product links that are no longer functional. With Traffic Control you can easily set up and manage redirects to help your customers get where they want to go and prevent loss of sales.


Digital Downloads

Are you selling digital products, e-books, or audio content online? Digital Downloads offers instant file access after checkout, as well as auto-updating customers when the product link is updated.



Yotpo helps you showcase buyer reviews on your website to drive traffic, increase sales, and increase brand credibility. It also allows customer content (images, reviews) to be easily shared across social media platforms, which builds and maintains your customer community.



Live chat is one of the biggest current trends in customer support and is known to significantly increase sales online. Tidio can integrate chat bots, Messenger, and email to give you the most effective chat functionality yet.



Get your email templates looking on-brand and on-point with OrderlyEmails. Effortlessly design personalised templates to use for order confirmation and welcome emails, and increase sales by using upsells and discounts in your communication with customers.


If you are wondering if any of these apps could work with your Shopify site, then we would be happy to check it out for you here at Creative Web Designs. Get in touch with us today.