Why you should have an Email Marketing Strategy

Here are a list of points below that explain the benefits of Email Marketing:

Why Use Email Marketing?
  • Email is used by pretty much everyone, and the majority of people check email at least once per day.
  • Email lasts longer than other forms of digital marketing such as social media posts.
  • Email marketing is targeted personalised marketing, designed to engage your audience.
  • Email marketing has the highest return on investment off all digital/online marketing strategies.
  • Email is low cost when compared other forms of marketing, such as print.

How Can Email Marketing Work For You?
  • Connect with existing and new customers.
  • Educate and add value for your customers.
  • Drive customers to visit and interact with your website.
  • Track open and click-through rates and identify products that are popular with your clients.

Why Use Creative Web Designs?
  • We’ve been designing and coding HTML Responsive (mobile friendly) emails for over 8 years.
  • All emails we design and code will view properly in 99% of email browsers on different devices and will be fully tested in Litmus*.
  • We're very experienced with MailChimp and also the larger email marketing tools such as SalesForce Marketing Cloud.
  • We ensure any emails we send are compliant with the Electronic Messages Act. 
  • We can provide advice and guidance on email best practices.

* www.litmus.com is an online email design testing website that allows developers to test their email templates to make sure they view well on different email clients.

If you struggle to find the time or resource to implement an email marketing strategy we can provide a managed email marketing campaign service.