Using Free Shipping as a Marketing Incentive for your Online Store

9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping is the number 1 incentive to shop online more.

If you can, consider building your shipping costs into your product pricing. For customers buying online, free shipping can greatly influence whether a customer completes an order or not. Adding your products to your cart, then getting to checkout and seeing the shipping cost can make many people think again about completing their purchase. Offering free shipping, means they only need to consider the product price and know that when they get to checkout there won't be any other additional costs.

If you can't affordably incorporate shipping costs into your product prices, then consider these options instead:
  • offer free shipping on orders over a certain value
  • offer a fixed, flat rate shipping cost
  • offer reduced shipping cost for customers who join your loyalty program

Trying to avoid that 'shipping cost shock' at checkout, can reduce the number of abandoned carts you see for your shopify store and hopefully increase your online sales!