Use Email Marketing To Increase Your Website Traffic

With the massive popularity of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, there are many people out there questioning the relevance of email marketing. Email has been around since 1971 – it’s old and outdated, right?


Over 3.3 billion emails are opened around the world every day. Email is essential to your marketing strategy, as it is a form of direct marketing which delivers your products and promotions straight to existing or potential clients.

91% of consumers use email! So if you aren’t using it as a way to contact them, then you are missing out! Not only does it build a connection with people, but it also drives them to your website and encourages sales.

So, why is email marketing a great way to drive traffic to your website?

Email is the preferred way to communicate

People expect and prefer promotional material to arrive via email. Social media platforms were originally intended to connect people with their friends and family. This has changed a lot over the years, with Facebook in particular, which now offers opportunities for advertising and promoting your business and products.

But, that doesn’t mean that is how we like to use social media though. At the heart of it, social media is still meant to be a social way to connect with people. Email is a far more popular choice to receive communications from business. As many as 72% of people want it this kind of communication by email. Give the people what they want!

Email generates more conversions

Social media is still an important part of your marketing strategy, but it has nothing on email when it comes to conversions. The first reason for this is in the delivery. When you send an email it gets precisely where you want it to go, with the exception of the occasional overactive spam filter.

Social media is not so reliable for getting your message out there. Only 2% of your Facebook fans will actually see your posts in their newsfeeds unless you pay for advertising. But 100% of your email list will see your message pop into their inbox. And because email is a method people know and trust, you are up to 6 times more likely to get the click through than if they saw a post on social media.

You have a warm audience

The people who are receiving emails from you have already subscribed to your email list or newsletter. So either they are an existing client, or they are already interested in what you’re doing. Seeing a retweeted message or a promoted Facebook post isn’t likely to interest them if they aren’t actively following you already.

If they are on your email list then they will have read your content. They would have seen the value that you deliver and that you really are an expert in your field. They are clearly interested as they have stuck around on your list. A warm lead is far easier to convert to a paying customer than a cold one!

It is easy to personalise your message with email

A large and non-specific audience could potentially see a social media post, so they tend to be more generic and less personal. With good email marketing software, you can segment your list so that you are only sending your subscribers the content they want to read.

You can even use the power of technology personalise emails to use people’s names. It helps them to engage and the content is more appealing when it has their name on it! This approach also seems less spam-like and is better for building your brand and your relationships with your clients.

Email is everywhere

Most people will never be far from their smartphone, which means they are never far from their email account. We really do take it everywhere - 43% [] of us check our emails in the bathroom! At least, that’s how many of us will admit to it.

Even with all of the developments in social media and online advertising, email is still the alpha of digital marketing. It should play a key role in your strategy for driving your website traffic.

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