Popular Live Chat Apps

Here is a selection of Live Chat apps you can use in your Shopify store to increase conversions by engaging your customers and answering questions that may be preventing them from completing their purchase.

1) Tidio
  • easy to install
  • mobile support
  • option for offline contact
  • option for automatic messages
  • lots of good reviews for their app on Shopify

2) Formilla Live Chat
  • allows you to see customer actions in real-time as well as chat with them
  • out-of-the-box installation
  • pro-active chat (initiate chat with visitor)
  • desktop notifications to ensure you don't miss any chats
  • custom banners, colours and themes

3) Reamaze
  • allows you to communicate with customers across multi-platforms
  • integrates with email, twitter, facebook, instagram
  • real time and classic live chat
  • manage different stores customer support in one place

4) FREE tawk.to Live Chat
  • monitor website visitors in real time
  • mobile support
  • free app