Save Time And Energy With Mailchimp Email Marketing

It is all well and good having an awesome Shopify website. You have invested all of this time making it a great experience for your customers when they land at your web door. But once they leave your website, how are you going to attract them back to your expertly crafted online store?

Three little words… Mailchimp Email Marketing.

People are constantly bombarded with information, so it can be hard for them to remember your business if you don't remind them from time to time. Regular contact via Mailchimp will keep you in their mind for the next time they need your services.

Here is how you can stay memorable with your customers, and how you can do it time efficiently.

What Is Mailchimp Email Marketing?

We should probably explain exactly what Mailchimp email marketing is before we go any further right? Well, Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to store, track and mass-email all of the contacts in your database.

Not only can you design attractive templates and send great information to your contacts, but you can also track the results of those emails. You can see who is opening them, how many times they opened them, who is clicking the links you have included, and a whole raft of demographic information. This allows you to see who is interested in your content, and which parts interest them the most.

By using certain tools in Mailchimp, you can ensure your email marketing is effective and generates sales.

The Foundations

Just like anything, you have to lay the foundations with Mailchimp before you see any significant results. First and foremost, you need to have a Mailchimp account, you can set that up for free here []. Once you have your account, you need to build a permission-based list. That means that the people you are emailing have given you permission to email them by providing their email address, or clicking a sign up link from you.

Once you have those two things, it is time to start building trust with your audience by regularly emailing them great content that they will be interested in.

You also want to make use of the rest of Mailchimp’s tools.

Shopify Integration

Mailchimp integrates seamlessly with Shopify. You can connect a single Shopify store to your Mailchimp account and it will automatically sync across your customers and their purchase data. This allows you to keep in touch with the people that are already interested in your brand.

You can use the data to create targeted email campaigns based on their purchases and interests. This is great because it allows you to be really specific with your content. You give your audience exactly what they want to read, and can also supply them with offers they are interested in purchasing.


Mailchimp allows you to create automated emails that can go out to certain people on your list. They can be triggered by a specific date, and event, or by the person’s activity.

For example, you can set up an automated sequence to welcome new subscribers to your list. You are a virtual stranger to them, so sending out this series of emails introduces them to your business, what you do and how you can help them. Think of the time you will save by having that information automatically delivered to each new subscriber instead of having to speak to them individually.

A welcome sequence is not the only automation you can send. You can also set up abandoned cart emails, a sequence of emails assigned to a freebie download, or a re-engagement sequence for those you haven’t heard from in a while. Automation can streamline your communication and remove the need to send the same messages manually.


As we mentioned above, your list is full of useful information about your subscribers. But tapping into that information and the true power of email marketing can be hard when everyone is lumped in together. Yes, all of your list are interested in your business, but each subscriber will be interested in different facets of your business.

You can get the right information to the right people with segmentation. Using this function in Mailchimp allows you to create target audiences and send specific information just to them. That allows you to build better relationships with your database and position your offers to get the best chance of return.

Mailchimp is a system that is easy to use, but it can be time consuming to learn. At Creative Web Design we are experts. So let us help you create gorgeous newsletter templates and even assist with the nitty gritty of sending them out. Get in touch to chat about how we might be able to help your business utilise the power of Mailchimp Email Marketing.