Blogging for business: Your questions answered

If you’re a blogging newbie, here are three common questions to consider before you start writing. Hopefully these answers will help you gain the blogging confidence you need to get started.
How often should I update my blog?
In an ideal world, the answer would be ‘as much as possible’. But the world is far from ideal – and the same goes for the content that’s posted on most blogs! Aim for quality over quantity. It’s better to write a good-quality post once a month than to write a low-quality post once a week.
That said, it’s important to be consistent. Try to get into a predictable blogging rhythm so your customers know when to expect fresh content – and so that you stick to your own schedule.
Here are some tips:

  • Set out a content plan that you can comfortably write yourself. Come up with 8-12 topic ideas at once and then schedule the writing time in your calendar.

  • If time is an issue, consider outsourcing the writing to a freelance copywriter. Or, write a rough draft and outsource the editing process.

  • Make sure your blog post adds value to the reader. Your writing should help, guide, and entertain. Give away some knowledge for free so your readers can trust in your expertise.

  • Don’t forget to include keywords. Aim for a couple of keywords per post and keep it natural.
What’s a good length for a blog post?
Blog articles should ideally be at least 500 words – but quality is more important than word count.
Most people read blogs because they need good, solid information that helps them get to the bottom of an issue. At least 500 words is usually enough to explore a topic in-depth without going into too much detail. If the topic warrants more explanation, aim for 800 words.
Here are a few tips:

  • Do your research and plan your articles before you start writing. Planning helps you focus your mind on the article at hand and means you can gather good links to use within your articles. Search engines like quality links and quality writing.

  • Write about topics that interest you. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the word count goes up AND how helpful your writing will be to readers – a win-win for everybody.

  • Share your blog posts on social media. After writing an outstanding post, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it across all platforms.
Should I set up a blog?
The short answer is yes. Here are just three reasons why you need a blog as part of your store:
One: A blog keeps your website fresh
Updating your blog regularly sends signals to search engines that your site is a ‘living digital organism’ – that it’s breathing and hasn’t died! The ‘Google Spider’ will crawl your site more often to check for updates. This is great for SEO and for quickly indexing your pages.
Two: A blog allows you to define yourself as a thought leader
People are more likely to buy from you if you know what you’re talking about. They’re also more likely to buy from you if you’re passionate about your product. Your blog is a great platform to showcase your expertise and increase conversions.
Three: A blog drives new traffic to your website
Blogging gives you an opportunity to write about a range of topics, including your interests and hobbies (as they relate to your products) and your opinions on industry news and developments. Think of every blog post you write as a new door opening to your online shop. Each new post could attract visitors who might have never found your site through your product keywords alone.
So what are you waiting for? Start blogging and experience the results for yourself. And if you have any more questions, get in touch and I’ll do my best to help.