7 Really Useful Free Apps for Shopify

1) Infinite Options
If you'd like to offer personalisation or custom options for your products, for example, monogramming or engraving options, you can create unlimited product options using the Infinite Options app. From text, number, radio buttons, checkboxes to  dropdown menus - make it super easy for your customers to choose the personalisation they require before adding your product to the cart. 

2) Order Printer
Made by Shopify, this app lets you print custom invoices, label, packing slips etc. You can print many orders at once saving you time. There are also advanced customisation options available so it can be tailored to your particular business needs. 

3) MailChimp
This app lets you connect your store with your MailChimp account. At checkout when a customer chooses to 'accept marketing communications' from your store, they will automatically get subscribed to your MailChimp list. Without this app, you'd have to sync the two systems manually. You'll also have more information to enable you to segment your lists and send emails with more relevant content to your customers. 

4) Customer Reorder
This app allows your customers to easily reorder your products again and again. Its compatible with the majority of Shopify themes and has easy installation with no coding to add. Its perfect for stores with customers who place similar or the same orders on an on-going basis.

5) On-site Customer Support using Facebook Messenger
If you're looking for a free on-site customer support chat app this one by Beeketing is a good option. Using Facebook messenger, customers can initiate a chat with you via your website chat window and get answers to their queries. Of course, the downside is that you and your customers must have a facebook account. Most customers probably do have a Facebook account but depending on your customer demographics, you may decide a paid chat app is a better option for you.

6) Photo Resize by Pixc
Automatically resizes and replaces your product photos to make them square and the same size which gives your store a more professional look. This app is free for the first 400 images.

7) Plug in SEO
Identify SEO problems with your site with automatic regular checking plus an email alert! Instruction will be provided on how to fix them yourself as well but there is also a paid version of this app with more features.

Want to find out about other apps that can add extra functionality to your site without increasing website running costs? Comment below and let me know.