5 Emails All eCommerce Sites Should be Sending

Here are 5 emails you could use as part of your email marketing strategy to generate more sales for your online store:


1) New Arrivals/Presale Alerts to encourage repeat purchases by letting customers know when you have new stock arrivals available. Keep these emails short and very focused. If you know your customer preferences you can segment these emails to to improve open rates.


2) A Regular Email Newsletter to keep existing customers coming back to your site. This should definitely be targeted at particular customers and not sending to all customers with content that’s not relevant to them. Put most the important content at the top.

If you don't have a record of customer preferences you could run a campaign to request them, you'd most likely need to offer an incentive otherwise some people won't bother to set their preferences. Long-term this is beneficial to be able to segment your subscriber list and target your email marketing emails.


3) Review Request Email to send customers an automated email after purchase asking for a review. Reviews can be  shown on your products and help encourage new customers to buy the product.  If you think reviews could be important for your site, you can even offer an incentive if they post their review.

4) Birthday Email to treat your customers on their birthday. Setting up an automated birthday email that goes out to existing customers with a special birthday offer also encourages repeat purchases.

5) Abandoned Cart Email to ensure sure you follow up on those customers that have put something in their cart but not completed their purchase. 

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