Shopify Training Workshop FAQs

You'll need to bring your own laptop to each session. You'll also need to be able to access your files containing your website content, product information an images.

No, however, if you do the workshop prep-work and in-between session 'homework' then by the end of both sessions you should be close or ready to launch your site.

Yes, you'll receive full guidance during the sessions and if you get stuck with the 'homework' in between the session, feel free to email me for help.

2 x 2 hour sessions isn't enough time to build your whole site and add in all your products, categories, website content. After the first session we recommend continuing to work on your site so that by the end of the 2nd session you can be close to being ready to launch your site.

No, you'll be building your site using a Shopify theme which will form the basis of your site design. Image editing best practices and basic design tips will be covered in the 2nd session.

For individual workshops we can book in the sessions at dates/times to suit during normal working hours. If you don't see a group session on a date/time that you can attend, get in touch to request a group session on your preferred date/time.

If you change your mind before the first session we can offer a refund, taking of the time we've spent preparing for your particular site in advance of the first session.

If you don't attend the 2nd workshop session we can refund that portion of the workshop price.

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