Could Your Website Be Doing Better?

Your website is your own online advertising space.

So naturally, you want it to be a great representation of your business.

You want it to be enticing, easy to use and most of all, you want it to convert.

But, it isn’t going to do all of those things unless it is optimised for them. You want to make sure that your website is performing as it should, when it should!

Could your website performance be better?

Probably! Especially if you haven’t done any maintenance work on it for a while.

Here is what you should check to ensure it is in tip top condition...

Could Your Website Performance Be Better?


Building and publishing a website may be the first step towards showcasing your business to the world. Websites have become so important for recognition that almost all businesses in this day and age have some sort of presence online.

Ultimately, this has lead to a lot of competition. When potential customers search online for products or services, they will be greeted with an abundance of options.

This is why it is absolutely crucial that your website appears at the top of the search list. Having a website and simply letting it sit online is not enough to gain the number of clients you are wanting.

Auditing your website will help find the errors and track your website’s progress in google rankings. Completing a simple website audit is the first way to measure how visible your website is to your potential clients.

Audits will undoubtedly increase site traffic and performance.


Research shows that users will often leave web pages within the first 10 – 20 seconds, unless their attention is grabbed. If you notice your page is not loading quickly, you may be losing customers without even realising.

As people are always seeking efficiency, the speed of your website is ultimately a reflection of your business. It may be perceived that websites with slower loading times reflect a business with slow deliveries. People like speed and the speed of your website is pivotal for its functionality.


The functionality of a website is largely measured by how easily it may be navigated.
It is important to have all of your information streamlined and easy to find. A website that is clear and simple will allow the user to find the information they are looking for much faster.

Navigation will come from having a clear menu structure, which can take users immediately to the content they are looking for. Having to filter through information and links will result in loss of attention from a user.


The ultimate goal for any business website is to convert visitors to customers. A website’s conversion rate may be affected by anything from the images on the site, to the website’s navigation.

So how can this be improved?

Sometimes it is as simple as removing unnecessary elements. Elements may become distracting for your potential customers and steer them away from the ultimate goal – which would be to buy or take action.

Often, the aspects of a website that are affecting your conversion rate may be unidentifiable to you. This is why it is important to seek the advice of professionals who have knowledge and expertise in this area. Monitoring how your customers interact with your site will give you insight into how effective your website is converting.

Does your Shopify site need a website performance check? Then, get in touch with the team here at Creative Web Designs. We can conduct an audit check and make recommendations for improvements that can get your website humming again! Drop us a line today.