How To Use Local Delivery And Pickup On Your Shopify Store

A happy customer is more likely to become a loyal, repeat customer.

That’s why it’s essential to provide every visitor to your Shopify store with a range of services and options to make purchasing from you easy and enjoyable!

While delivery is the only option for your faraway customers, you can provide more flexibility to those in your area with local delivery or pickup options.

Read on to learn why you should consider adding these elements to your Shopify store, and how to use them in your business.

Why Use Pickup And Local Delivery On Your Shopify Store?

Customers love having options. If they’re too impatient to wait for a package, want to save money on postage, or need their item quickly, they’ll be grateful to be able to pop down for an easy pickup.

Alternatively, if one of your keen buyers is too busy to collect their purchase personally, they’ll be grateful for a straightforward delivery option. Either way, you’re covering your bases and problem solving for your customers – they’ll love you for it!

Not only will local delivery and pickup provide a better customer experience, but it can also shorten your order fulfilment time and make life a little easier for your business.

The best thing about local pickup and delivery is that it allows businesses to operate even during times of restriction. If your real-life store is forced to close, you can continue selling and fulfilling orders online.

Luckily, you don’t need a brick and mortar shop to offer local pickup as an option; you can choose whatever pick up location suits you, whether it’s a warehouse or the garage you’ve repurposed as a stock room.

How does local delivery work for online orders?

You can set up local delivery in your Shipping settings in Shopify. When a customer’s address falls within your chosen delivery area, they will have the option of choosing local delivery. You can set the distance or select specific postcodes.

If you offer delivery for more than one location, you’ll need to enable it for each different site.

You will have to meet specific criteria to qualify for local delivery, including:
● Having a maximum of 20 locations
● Enable multiple location inventory
● Disable custom checkout (Shopify Plus only)

Handily, there’s a Shopify Local Delivery app that makes life easier for your business.

For more info on this app, and step by step instructions on setting up local delivery, visit the Shopify help page here:

How does local pickup work for orders?

When a customer orders online at your Shopify store, you can provide the option for local pickup, which is automatically set to "Free." You must meet the same criteria as for local delivery above.

When ordering, your customer can click on “Ship” or “Pick Up” during checkout if they meet the requirements.

Once you receive a pickup order, you’ll have to verify the item is in stock, then you’ll send a notification to the customer alerting them that their order is ready.

Pickup instructions can be added and adjusted in the preferences settings for your pickup locations.

For more info and step by step details on setting up this option, visit:

Shopify’s local pickup and delivery options are fantastic tools that help give your customers the options they desire and assist your business to operate even under restrictions. They are straightforward to set up and offer numerous customisation and personalisation elements, giving you the freedom and control to build your business your way.