Personal Touch Automation You can Give To Your Ecommerce Customers

It is no longer enough to simply have an eCommerce website and expect your customers to flock to it again and again.

These days, online shoppers have higher expectations. They are savvy. This is not their first rodeo!

These shoppers know what they want from a website experience and they also need it to be easy for them to navigate. Otherwise, they will simply give up. That’s it, sale lost.

So, when it comes to the process of buying from your eCommerce site, you want to consider the entire customer experience.

That experience encompasses everything from the first time they land on your home page, right through to them returning for repeat purchases.

Today’s online shoppers love a personal touch. So, here are some great ways that you can give it to them via automation on your eCommerce website.


Personal Touch Automation You Can Give To Your Ecommerce Customers

Automations You Can Add

Automations have become an essential part of maintaining client relationships.

By simplifying and accelerating customer contact, you are able to reach new clients quicker. Of course, you can see the results of this by an increase in revenue and sales.

There are various ways you can utilise automation through your business website. While it is important for any business to generate more sales, that is not all you should focus on. It is also crucial that as a business, you maintain the relationships that already exist with past and current clients or customers.

Automation allows you to strengthen your existing relationships by expressing that you value them as customers. Simple examples of automations can be triggered emails, recommended products, milestone celebrations, and birthday vouchers. These can all be implemented on your Shopify website via your theme or various plugins.


Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is an excellent example of an automation that will leave your customers feeling appreciated.

Loyalty programs are something you can offer to your regular customers, rewarding them with free shipping, special offers, premiums, additional content; basically, anything you believe will be of value to them.

As a result, your frequent customers are encouraged to stay loyal to your business, as they have become part of something exclusive. Not only does this enhance mutual value and respect between you and your customers, it will also increase the likelihood that they will then refer your business to their friends, families and other contacts.


Personalised Communication

When done well, automation increases the connection with your customers. When it is not done as well, it can feel like generic, canned responses delivered by a robot! So, you need to be mindful of what you are delivering.

One of the most incredible aspects of automation is its ability to reach customers on a personal level. Yep, you can make your automations personalised! You can achieve this with a little bit of groundwork. Use tags to include their name in just the right part, and create your content as if you are speaking to one customer.

This makes it feel like they are on a first name basis with your business, and shows them that they are not just another number. This not only gives your customers a feeling of importance, it also creates a sense of belonging, as they are connecting with your site or store on an intimate level.

The result of creating these personal experiences is further loyalty from the customer.


Account Creation

Account creation is a really simple way to make things easier for your customers to shop with you. It can also add to the customer experience when interacting with your business. 

Allowing your customers to create an account on your website promotes the idea of building a long term relationship. It also streamlines the customer experience, as they are able to save information on your website for future reference. Undeniably, this becomes a much easier, and friendlier, platform for your customers to navigate.

Through personal accounts, customers may be able to view their own buying history, or their ‘favourites’ so they are saved the stress of weaving through unwanted material. Retaining information about your customer also allows automation to personally connect with your customer, and notify them when deals or special products/services become available that may be of interest to them. 


These are just a few of the ways that you can add a bit of a personal touch for your eCommerce customers. Adding these personal touches to your ecommerce customers allows you to build on your relationships and also your own brand. How you interact with your customers is a reflection of your business. Adding these features to your website will ensure you are connecting with them accordingly.

If you are interested in knowing more about the personal touches you could add to your Shopify website, then get in touch with us here at Creative Web Designs.