Maximise Your Website With The Right Marketing Strategy

With the right marketing, you can sell anything.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

In saying that, marketing has become much more than selling and promotion. Successful marketing is only achieved by having a solid strategy to work towards.

It is more than throwing up a few paid advertisements or posting on social media every once in a while. True marketing needs a consistent and strategic approach.

Having an overall ‘game plan’ helps your business make optimum use of all its resources, to provide a powerful message to your target market.

So, how can you do it? Let’s dive into how you can put together the right website marketing strategy for your business.


Maximise Your Website With The Right Marketing Strategy

Website Marketing Strategy

You can have the most beautiful and functional website in the world, but if no one knows that it exists, no one can visit it! That is where your marketing strategy comes in.

Your website is where the magic happens for your business. It is where people can connect with your brand, find out more about what you do, not to mention, it’s the place to purchase your products and services.

So, you need to get eyes on your website to make it happen.

No doubt, you (or your web designer) have spent countless hours making sure your content, flow, function, and design are all on point for maximising conversions. Once that work is done, it is time to peddle out the marketing strategy. That could include some of these aspects...


The World of Social Media

Social media has become an effective and affordable way to market their business. If done well, you are able to reach a wide audience from each of your social platforms.

The important thing with social media is picking the platforms that suit your brand and help you to connect with your ideal clients. For example, there is no point tweeting if all your fans are hanging out on Instagram. It is also better to focus on a couple of platforms and do them well, rather than trying to post everywhere, but missing the mark with your content.

Think of social media as your opportunity to create great brand awareness. Post engaging content, tell your business story, and connect with your audience. All the while, use your social media platforms to drive traffic to your website by sharing blog posts, sign up opportunities, or specific product pages. Remember to balance your educational content with your sales content to keep your audience engaged.


Keeping In Touch

Your website provides tools which can significantly enhance your marketing strategy. Automations will allow your website to perform tasks on your behalf, even while you are sleeping!

The simplest of these automations is collecting email sign ups for each customer that visits your web page. This helps you to build a database of customers who are interested in what you offer. You can then arrange a monthly email to be sent out to these customers, and keep them updated of new offers or promotions.

A marketing technique as simple as this allows you to keep contact with past and current customers, strengthening their engagement with your website and ultimately your business.


Facebook Pixel and Remarketing

Facebook is a powerhouse in the digital world. Most people will have a personal Facebook profile, and use the platform to keep in touch, follow their favourite brands, and even to research businesses they might want to buy from. You can use that power to your advantage.

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that can be placed on your website. It is used to collect data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

When people are visiting your website for the first time, chances are they are not going to purchase something without first investigating and, ultimately, getting a little more comfortable. Perhaps, after some time, they may decide to go back and purchase what you have to offer – or maybe they will not.

The Facebook pixel allows you retrace those who have already shown some sort of interest in your website and make them the target of your advertisements. These gentle reminders are an effective way to stay at the front of someone’s mind and retain interest.


Paid Advertising

Facebook is not the only platform that allows you to advertise your services. You can also pay to advertise on Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.

These platforms will all increase the reach of your business and allow you to reach more of your ideal clients. They allow you to target a certain kind of customer and direct traffic back to your website where they can take the next step with your business.


All About Content

Marketing through content is the way in which you speak to your target audience. Using enticing language and visuals allow you to grasp the attention of a set audience and gain more attraction.

Blogs have become a really popular form of content marketing. Blogging helps tell a story about your business, it gives people more insight into what ideas you have, or what’s going on in your world. Plus, it helps to boost your website SEO and draw in people that might not have found your business otherwise.

It also gives you plenty of content to share on social media and in your newsletter to deliver value to your audience. Plus, it helps to generate those all important sales leads too!


The first step of any marketing strategy is to ensure your website is up to scratch. If yours could use some work, then get in touch with the team here at Creative Web Designs. We can help you to create the perfect digital home base for all of your business needs. Drop us a line today.