Logo Design for your Small Business: What to Consider

Your business logo design is the most important element of your overall business branding so you want to make sure your logo designer understands what your business is all about and how your logo is going to be used.

At Creative Web Designs we specialise in small business logo design in Auckland and can capture the essense of your business in a creative logo supplied to you in various formats according to your needs. 

Here are some things to consider when thinking about a new logo design for your small business:

1) Who is your ideal client? A business needs to know who their ideal client is and communicate to them. There is no point designing anything without knowing who its for and making it for them.

2) Less is more. A logo should be simple but simple doesn't mean a lack of complexity. Take out elements that confuse and clutter. Quite often we have clients wanting to add in their tagline to their logo - in lots of cases it makes sense to leave it out and use it in other places for the business branding.

3) Logos should be adaptable. Let your logo designer know everywhere you are going to use your logo now and in the future. 

4) Size Matters. Your logo should scale well when shown in different sizes. The text and graphics should still be clear and readible.

5) Timeless Design. It is important for a great logo to capture current trends, but not so much as to become quickly dated when those trends change.

Your logo designer should incorporate these points into their processes when creating a logo. We start this all off by asking our clients to complete an online logo brief.

We hope this has been helpful and if you'd like and further information please get in touch