Getting the Most out of your Website: SEO Tasks and Website Self-Management

This article is aimed at helping Creative Web Designs clients achieve good search rankings for their website - if you're not one of our clients, you might still find some useful tips here to apply to your own website.

Now that your website is live, there are some on-going tasks that you can carry out to ensure you get good search engine ranking  long term for your new website.

For websites that are using a brand new domain it can take a few months for google and other search engines to completely index your site - so if it isn't appearing in search results straight away don't worry!

For websites that are using an existing domain, your new website will still need to be re-indexed by google. Redirects will have been added by us to ensure that people trying to access old page links will be redirected appropriately.

Off-Page SEO

During your website development on-page SEO best practices were applied to every page of your website.  This means your website pages are targeted for specific keyword searches and you have a good foundation for further SEO efforts.

Off-Page SEO is required to improve and maintain a good page ranking in search engines. 

Google considers website with lots of backlinks to high ranking sites to be more important than a website without backlinks.  Google also considers websites with great content that is updated regularly to be worth crawling and reindexing more often.

These are the types of websites that will be shown higher up in search results when people are searching on the internet.

Recommended Next Steps

We recommend dedicating a little time each month to work on your off-page SEO for your website and improve it's ranking in search engines. 

Unfortunately there is no fast-track solution available, in fact if you try and trick Google by purchasing backlinks for example, that is a sure fire way to get your website demoted or even blacklisted.

Off-Page SEO Tasks

1) Add fresh content to your website. The best way to make your website rank long term is to continualy add good quality and relevent content to your website. This could be 1 or 2 new blog posts per month, business news, testimonials, a new page etc.

2) Work on attaining more backlinks to your website. Social Media pages are a good starting point because sites such as facebook rank highly in Google's eyes. Make sure to include a link back to your website when you post on these pages. Social media sites that you may like to consider are: 
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
You can also add your website to free directory listings. This will count as a backlink to your website. Here are a list of free directories that you may like to list your business on to get you started:
3) Set up Google My Business if you haven't already. Let us know if you need help with this.

4) Add customer testimonials to a 3rd party review website. Having reviews on a 3rd party review site is very important for SEO. We recommend asking your customers to place their reviews on your Google Plus page.

5) View website statistics in Google Analytics. Understand what people are searching for when they come to your site and see what pages they are looking at and for how long. This can help give you ideas for new blog articles and general marketing strategies.