Facebook Business Page Marketing Tips

A lot of businesses can benefit from running a Facebook Business (Fan) Page. It's completly free to use so why wouldn't you want to add it in to your marketing plan for your business?  The success of your page will depend on how well you manage it - so here are some tips to help you get started.

Good Design
Having a professional Facebook business page design is just as important as the design of your website or printed material.  You can leave a lasting impression on your page visitors by making sure your cover image, profile image and application tab images are all professionally designed and in tune with your business brand look and feel. We have a Facebook Design package that can help you achieve this. Or if you are DIY'ing, make sure to take note of the facebook image sizes to use for each area of your business page so your images fit, and look perfect.

Cover Image
This is the most important part of your facebook page design as its the biggest image and really stands out.  It should express who you are as a business and show visitors what your business is about at a glance.

Profile Picture
You want a profile picture that's easily recognizable by your potential Fans. That could be anything from a company logo for a big brand to a headshot of yourself. 

Application Tabs
The four boxes under your cover photo are your application tab links.  You can choose which apps appear on the top row and you should also customise the images to make them more engaging to visitors.

Page Posting and Insights
Posting not regularly enough can leave a negative impression on your page visitors and affect your reach.  Posting too much could also drive fans away from your page.  You need to find the right balance - you can do this by testing your frequency and watching your numbers to optimise engagement.  Creating a content calendar can help you stay on track and make the process easier to manage.

By using the Page and Post Export option in your Facebook Page insights, you will have valuable data to help you understand how people use your Page and what works best for your business.  Facebook insights can provide valuable data to help you measure your Page success. Keep track of your numbers and adjust accordingly!

What is Edgerank?
Edgerank determines what posts appear on a Facebook's user's newsfeed. The formula includes:
  • Affinity: Measures the relationship between the viewing user and the creator of the story. The closer the relationship the higher the score.
  • Weight: Different types of posts carry different weights (photos, videos, status updates, links, etc.). The higher the weight, the higher the score.
  • Time Decay: As a post ages it continually loses value.
Did you know that not all your fans see your posts?Actually probably less than 16% of your fans see your Page posts! 

About Section
The About section under your profile image may allow for your to write around 155 characters which will be visible on your profile. Make sure to include your website address.

Facebook Rules
Breaking Facebook rules may result in having your page shutdown without notice. Be familiar with the Terms of Service. Keep in mind that TOS may change without notice. Visit Facebook to learn more https://www.facebook.com/policies.
Facebook changes its terms of service…often. And unless you follow the company’s blog or frequently check their Page Guidelines, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s allowed—or not—during a given month.

Of course reading social media blogs like Social Media Examiner will help you stay in the know, but page admins should still bookmark Facebook’s Page Guidelines and read the document at least once a quarter.

Respond to ALL comments and make sure your settings (under Manage Permissions) allow for people to post on your Page and your Page has turned on ”messages”, so that people can send you private messages. 

Post Good Content
The 80/20 rule. Try publishing around 80% original and curated content that provides value to your followers and no more than 20% promotional content. 

Promotional content includes selling your products or services, posting about how great your customer find your business (unless your clients post it directly on your wall), showing your work or portfolio, promotion of your accomplishments, etc.

What’s In It for Them? 
Whenever you post to your page, remember that your page visitors want to know “what’s in it for them”. Be mindful of the content your post on your page to make sure you provide value to your visitors and fans. Most Facebook users Like pages to:
  • Receive discounts or promotions
  • Stay informed
  • Get entertained
  • Interact and connect
  • Get Educated
  • Show support

Posting Links
For all content that has links in it, be sure to place the link before the end of the fifth line of text -- that's where it will truncate and include a "see more" tag. That way, your Fans don't have to click "see more" to access your call-to-action.

Promote your Page
To increase your Page visibility, you need to tell people about it. Don’t forget to link your personal Profile to your Page. Promote your Page on:
  • Other social networks
  • Your website
  • Business Cards
  • Marketing material
  • Events
  • Newsletters

Facebook Ads
Include Facebook ads to your marketing budget to help increase your Likes, engagement, visibility, promote events, market your products or services, etc.
  • Promoted Posts
  • Sponsored stories
  • Facebook ads
  • Offers
Putting a little bit of your budget into Facebook ads can be worthwhile, if you're basing them off of the right insights. 

Other Likes
Liking other business pages helps you build connections (and when they reciprocate, gives you added exposure), but you might not want certain pages to be among the first things visitors to your page see. Luckily, you can control which of the pages you’ve liked appear on your timeline.

To choose featured likes, go to your Admin panel, choose Edit Page, then Edit Settings. Next, click More and then select Featured. From there you can edit your featured likes.