Why Branding Is Important In eCommerce

People cannot buy from you if they don’t know your business exists!

Brand awareness is a priority across all companies and industries. In a recent survey, 89% of marketers stated that brand awareness is their top goal. The consumer market is a busy place and in order to establish yourself as a trusted and authentic business, you need to stand out among the rest.

This is especially the case for eCommerce businesses, which don’t have physical store locations to increase brand awareness and often don’t use traditional forms of marketing like television advertising.

Why is it so important to nail your branding and get the right word out about your business?

Your Image

We aren’t supposed to judge books by their covers… But we still do.

The way you present your brand – your logo, catchphrases or taglines, colour schemes, social media content – is what makes you recognisable. It’s what attracts a lot of first-time customers to your company.

A quality and distinct brand image also creates repeat business by continuing to generate recognition and familiarity with your marketing content and your business.

Basically, the more people see you, the more they become familiar with your offerings. The more familiar they are, the more likely they are to buy!

Your Unique Selling Proposition

When you set up a new business, more often than not it is because you have identified a gap in the market, or because you have experienced a service or product that could be done better.

The point of difference that your business offers is your unique selling proposition.

Is it your distinct or rare product selection? More affordability or better service quality? Whatever it is that drives your company and gives you a unique edge over the competition is what you need to highlight in your branding.

Your Messaging And Channels

Next to your look, you also have to carefully consider what your brand is saying and where those messages are going. The messaging that you put out about your brand needs to capture your purpose and what makes you unique. It also needs to connect with the right audience for your business.

You need to focus on which marketing channels you will use to get your brand messaging out to the world, while keeping it consistent across them all.

Diversity is key – you need to use different channels to connect with as many people as possible. This means using email marketing, social media, brand sponsorships, and print media. It is better to perfect a couple of channels to start with and then grow your marketing base, rather than try to master them all at once.

Again, it is vital to choose the channels where your target audience are hanging out. There is no point paying for Facebook ads if your audience are in their inboxes or on Instagram.

Your Customer Satisfaction

Your company is more than just a pretty face. Your image and messaging is what connects people to you. But, a first time buyer who has a bad experience with your company is not likely to come back to give you another chance.

Responsive and effective customer service is a crucial element of your branding. Happy customers bring other new customers on board and continue to make repeat purchases for themselves. This makes them a vital part of your business success and in maintaining a positive reputation for your company.

Connect With Your Audience

The thing about your branding is that it’s more than a logo. It is the entire story and strategy behind your business. You can use your story to connect with your audience and draw them to you. That connection is what will set you apart from your competitors and encourage the trust you need from prospective customers.

Your business branding is an opportunity to boost your eCommerce business and tell the right kind of story to generate sales.

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